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Web Marketing Ethics – Things You Should Be Aware Of


The existence of Web Marketing provides everybody the privilege to do whatever he wishes whilst browsing the Internet. The sad thing about this fact is that sometimes, others go overboard to the extent that legal issues arise from the endeavor. With this, it is important to know more about Web Marketing ethics.

Just like in the fields of law and medical practises as well as education and finance, there is such an ethical standard set in search engine optimization. These policies are important in order to make people understand that the availability of such a tool should not be used to exploit other people. This will be further explained in the succeeding paragraphs.

Things included in search engine optimization ethics

Search engine optimization ethics is not just for marketers. It also works for consumers. Marketers represent website owners who offer products and services to the public. Consumers on the other hand, are those who buy items online at the same time gather information for certain researches. If you are any of these individuals, the following code of ethics on SEO applies to you:

• Never harm anyone. As mentioned above, search engine optimization should not be utilized to exploit or hurt others. This simply means that even if you are allowed to express a right on a certain thing you have seen after utilizing the search engine box, you should not do it to degrade another person. In a more technical point of view, harm may also coincide with banning a client from search engine directories. This is strictly prohibited.

• Never provide misleading facts intentionally. Clients utilize search engine boxes to come up with the best product they want or to research on a certain topic. SEO ethics dictate that any business marketing a product or service to a prospect should not provide information that are baseless and are not well-researched just to mislead the other party. If the act is done unintentionally, the accused should prove it.

• Never forget the laws covered in SEO's. Whilst Web Marketing is utilized by millions of people every day, there is always a chance that copyrights or trademarks may be violated. Plagiarism is one of the best examples in this arena. If a researcher explicitly copies a content of a certain site without recognizing its author or the website from where the information was gathered then copyright laws are violated. Aside from that simple explanation, there are other things covered on this particular topic.

• Always be unique at any given instance. This particular rule may be explained by a simple scenario. If you offer a website design to another and he accepts that design you presented, never use that with your next client.

Search engine optimization is created to provide users with utmost convenience and access. You have the right to gather facts through this technique but do not abuse the utilization of such venues. Be a very responsible user by respecting the rights of others. Observe search engine optimization and your business or career will go a long way.


Source by Luke Wildman

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