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The Importance of a Good Website for Business

The Importance of a Good Website for Business

Last Updated on June 24, 2019

With digital trends that seemingly change every single day, it can be tempting to dismiss the idea of “needing” a strong, functional website for your company. Especially if your business is in a place of relative stability or even growth. We get it, navigating the competitive landscape of building a strong web presence can seem daunting and frustrating. However, the importance of a good website for business cannot be overstated. Here are seven reasons why having a website will lead directly to more sales and better growth.

It’s Cost Effective

For one thing, putting time and money into a strong website is one of the few ROIs that can be guaranteed, especially when considering the cost and risk of more conventional advertising campaigns. After the upfront expenses of designing and developing your website, the actual day to day maintenance shouldn’t break the bank.

Your website is a sales tool. If you factor the cost of maintenance and compare that to the salary or commission of a potential salesperson, then investing the right amount of money for a good website is a no brainer.


A great website is accessible, not only for you to make any changes or updates, but for your customers as well. Unlike a brick and mortar location, your website operates at all hours of the day. Which means you’re not locked into the traditional 9-5 work day for potential new customers to find and seek you out. It seems obvious, but it’s important to think about your digital presence in these terms, which will in turn help illustrate exactly why it’s so important to have a good website for business.

Think of a website as the front porch to your business. You want to make a strong first impression, don’t you? Especially if you provide services that aren’t fixed to a physical location. If that’s the case, your website might be the only contact or frame of reference potential customers have upfront, which should only emphasize the importance of a good website even more.

A good website is the jumping off point for the rest of your digital efforts. You need a central place to connect all of your social media accounts. House your original videos, photos, blogs, or other engaging content in one centralized hub, helping to build a strong, cohesive vision for your growing brand.

Communicate Instantly

If your site is accessible to your customers, that means your customers are more accessible to you. A good landing page can help you make direct contact with visitors, improving your overall customer service. Great web designs offer easy to use email forms and makes other means of contact readily available. Furthermore, potentially adding features like live chats or 24/7 coverage can ensure you’re always there to answer a customer’s question.

Establish Credibility

Not even the most hipster-centric businesses can get away with not having a website in today’s world. Just having an active online presence that looks like it’s regularly kept up, modern and helps accurately communicate your message, products, and services immensely adds to your credibility.

Furthermore, a solid web presence also means your business will be available for online reviews. Taking an active role in building a positive brand reputation through Google reviews will only help you more in the long run. Additionally, the best website designs utilize some form of real customer testimonials. It’s an organic way to establish your credibility as a business all based on your past customers. Any new visitors to your site will see those testimonials, which will in turn help build trust and brand loyalty.

Strong SEO and Local Reach

Speaking of Google searches, wouldn’t it be nice to find your website on the first page of results when researching your industry. Great website designs that are backed by strong search engine optimization will help you get there.

Think about the steps you might take when researching a new restaurant, or looking for the right contractor to help you redo your bathroom. You research a specific phrase or service along with a location, if applicable. You hone in on the best Google reviews and narrow your choices from there. The same scenario applies to all of your customers.

Having a strong website that ranks well in local and national searches is important. It’ll give you an edge over your competitors and help you establish yourself over a long period of time. Plus it further increases your credibility as the best in your industry. Cast a wide net and give yourself a real chance to connect with your audience.

Make Marketing Efforts Easier

If your website content, social media, with cohesive branding, and other digital assets are housed in one central hub, it stands to reason that your overall marketing efforts will be that much easier. Great website designs make it easy to track what works well on your site. Not sure about that call to action button? Test it and come up with a better plan of attack.

Generate Leads, Drive Conversions

At the end of the day, the importance of a good website for business really comes down to one thing: growth. Great design, fully fleshed out content, creating avenues of communication, building trust – they should all lead to generating more business for you. A great website will make it easier for you to generate new leads, and in turn drive more conversions. More conversions means more growth for your business and the opportunity to continually improve.

At Multiverse Media Group, we build and maintain beautiful websites everyday that help our clients grow. Our full time job is working at a marketing agency developing web experiences that only use modern strategies and techniques to better position our clients for the future. We know how confusing and frustrating it can be for small businesses to navigate a competitive digital landscape.

The websites we design lead to more conversions. Not only will you rank better than your competition, but you’ll have the opportunity to gain more leads, which means better growth for you and your business over time. Reach out to us today and get started with your new website. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking for a redesign, we’re here to help.


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