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How To Rank Website On Google First Page [2020]-4 Best Free SEO Tools

How To Rank Website On Google First Page [2020]-4 Best Free SEO Tools

Published by HealtHowdy on December 10, 2019December 10, 2019

How to Get Your Website On the First Page of Google Very Fast: When I got started in SEO for my website(HealtHowdy.com), there were dozen of tools out there to do SEO. They were very expensive. Here we will discuss how to rank a website on Google first page very fast and Best Way To Improve Google Search Ranking 2020.

Rank A Website On Google’s First Page Very Fast. Top 4 Free SEO Tools

Hey, unless you wanted rankings, you would have to pay for one of these tools to do SEO. But times have changed totally. There are not just dozens of tools now, there are hundreds of tools. Because of that, there is a lot of free ones as well.

Before we get started… How To Get Website On Google First Page

Really Want To Rank Website On Google First Page Very Quickly?

These are not requirements but to get the most out of this guide—and stand the very best chance of ranking on the first page of Google—your website should be:

  • Mobile-friendly or Responsive;
  • Fast loading;
  • Easy to use or User-friendly (clear navigation, good UX, etc.);
  • Secure (i.e., HTTPS not HTTP);
  • Well-structured;
  • Free of other technical SEO issues.

Why You Should Stop Paying For SEO Tools?

Hey, everyone, I’m Hiren. And today, I’m going to breakdown why you should stop paying for SEO tools, and only use these four free tools if you want to rank number one on Google.

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1. Google Search Console For Rank Website On Google First Page

Here is what I love Google Search Console for. I do many comparisons of my traffic right now, for the last 30 days, to my traffic six months ago. I look for the pages and posts or articles that have the biggest drop off in impressions and clicks.

Now I know that these are the pages that I need to go back on my site, go and adjust and update. Think of it this way. Nowadays there are over a billion blogs on the Internet. That’s roughly one blog per every seven people.

Do you think we need that many blogs out there? No, that’s too many! Just imagine how much content is being created with over a billion blogs. Now check this out. The pages that have the biggest drop in traffic are the pages that, hey, search engines are no longer ranking as well.

Update Pages and Posts Regularly

So, if you back into those pages, those posts, you update them with the latest and greatest information. You may add some videos from youtube if you think that helps improve the user or reading experience.

You should delete the stuff that does not make sense. You shorn out the fluff, because sometimes, you may have just long articles because you tried in keyword stuff.

Whatever it may be, if you just go in, update it, and provide the best experience, you will notice that usually within 30 days, your traffic on those pages will go up. And if you are not sure how to provide the best experience, I got two recommendations for you.

  1. One does a search for that keyword in Google and look at all the pages that rank for that keyword. Look at those pages. What do they have that you don’t have? Adjust your article to include all that stuff.
  2. Two, I would go to YouTube, look for all the videos in your space that can add value to your topic, and embed them in. Because a lot of people don’t do that. That’ll help your time-on-site and engagement on your site, which will also help improve your rankings or Improve Google Search Ranking Very Fast. The second best and free tool I have for you is Structured Data Markup Helper.

2. Structured Data Markup Helper To Get Website On Google First Page

Look, if you want those star ratings on your website, you want to be included in the rich snippets which are very helpful, you want your listing to stand out, you got to use structured data.

But how do you use structured data? Well, it is complicated because depending on the type of website you have, the structured data is going to look different.

Whether it is a local website, national website, an e-commerce website, or it’s a website that is focusing on lead generation or consulting, it’s going to be different.

So use a Structured Data Markup Helper, and it will help you do all the little things, from even doing things like including breadcrumbs. So that way, when someone’s doing a search on Google, they can see all those little breadcrumbs, and that helps increase your CTR(click-through-rate). The third free and best tool I have for you, Google Trends.

3. Google Trends To Rank Website On Google First Page

This is super important. The reason being is if your brand continually gets searched more and more, you will notice that your rankings increase.

So, it is all about brand building. And you will find, “Hey, Hiren, “why do I need to increase my brand?” Well, Google, Facebook, and all the social sites out there have big issues of fake news.

This is one of the most popular and commonly used functions of Google Trends within our team, as the tool allows our team to be able to look for some of the most popular and trending search terms and news articles to create rich content and relevant keywords for our clients.

One of the first steps into finding relevant content and keywords is by looking at some of the most popular search terms in the past few days.

Google Trends To get Website On Google First Page easily by best 4 SEO Tools

As you can see, some of the most top popular stories that are trending are sports and entertainment events and athletes which is very popular as well. Our team is able to create compelling content simply by brainstorming and researching some interesting topics that come from Google Trends. So, Google trends is very helpful to get Website On Google First Page very fast.

Ranking brands better

So, the way they are combating this is ranking brands better, because they believe that brands, like Nike, CNN, MacDonald, Adidas whoever it may that is a big brand, are less likely to put out fake information. And that is true.

So what you want to do is continually look at your brand name, compared to your competitors, and see how you are growing. And Google Trends shows you that.

Check the competition

Start a very successful variety store across the road from Walmart, it is very hard or difficult to rank on the first page of Google when the competition is fierce or very tough. To understand the competitive landscape—starting with who you are up against.

To do that, search for your best keyword and look at the very first page of results.

If they are all from huge well-known brands or very famous brands and you are a startup that nobody’s ever heard of, getting to the first page is going to be pretty tough—at least in the short-to-medium term.

Collect Emails To Get Website On Google First Page

If you don’t know how to make your brand continually increase, use tools like Hello Bar to collect emails, because every time you collect emails, then you can email them out using tools like Mailchimp, which are also for free, that way you can get people back to your website, which helps your brand.

The other thing you can do is use tools like Subscribers, which also has a free plan, so people can subscribe to your site through push notifications. Then every time you have more new content, new feature releases, more products for sale, you can send out a push, get people back to your site, which then also grows your brand as well. Now, last but not least, another free best SEO tool, Ubersuggest.

4. Ubersuggest For Rank Website On Google First Page

If you want to do perfect SEO and if you want to set all the SEP friendly content, Ubersuggest has the features of Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, pretty much the majority 80 plus percent of their best features for totally free.

So, if you want to website audit, well there is an SEO audit report in Ubersuggest that breaks down your load time very fast, your website’s title tags, a website’s your meta description, your website’s code errors, your website’s URL issues, your website’s redirect issues.

It tells you clearly how to fix each of them. It breaks down in priority on which ones you should change very first to get the maximum amount of traffic or organic traffic.

Free Keyword Research Tool For Rank Website On Google First Page

You are looking for more keywords to go after? Ubersuggest also has a keyword ideas report. The keyword ideas report(keyword chart) shows you all the keywords that you can go after.

According to Jumpshot(keywords tool), roughly 49 percent of the searches that happen on Google get totally no clicks. Well, with Ubersuggest, they will show you keywords that are based on questions, comparisons, prepositions.

These are all high intent keywords. So if you after them in your copy, you will find that you will get more clicks, more traffic, and those visitors that are aligning on your site will convert, because you are not just going after generic keywords now. There’s also a backlinks report.

Estimate How Many Backlinks You Need

Backlinks are an important ranking factor to get website on Google first page very fast. Not only has Google told us this, but pretty much every big or small industry study has found a positive and strong relationship between organic search traffic and backlinks.

So the more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher your chances of ranking on the first page of Google effectively very fast.

Now the main question is, how do you know how many backlinks you really need?

Here Is The Truth To Rank Website On Google First Page:

There is no way to figure out a definitive number for backlink because not all backlinks are created equal(high quality or low quality). But we can get a rough estimate for numbers or backlinks.

Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Tool For Rank Website On Google First Page

To do that, go to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tool, search for your target keyword, then look at the number in the sentence below the Keyword Difficulty score.

Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer How To Rank A Website On Google’s First Page By 4 Free SEO Tools

This is a super rough estimate for keyword, so take it with a very large pinch of salt.

To get a somewhat more very accurate estimate, scroll down to the SERP overview and look at the range of referring domains to the current top-ranking pages of website.

Make Better Content

You can put in any URLs of your competitor or your website. Shows you who links to them. Then you can hit up all those people or their website, assume you put in a competitor URL and ask them to link back to your website if your content’s better and better.

It also has the Top Pages report. You put in a competitor URL, click on Top Pages. It will show you the most popular pages on your competitor site based on search traffic, backlinks, and social shares.

This will give you an idea of the type of content you should produce versus the type of content you should not produce. And, now last one, of course, last but not least, there is a traffic analyzer report that shows you the best how much traffic your competitors are getting versus you. You can get your website on Google first page easily. You can start a career in Digital Marketing. There are 7 Best Tips To Get Free Digital Marketing Course.

Traffic Analyzer Report

So you have a rough comparison of what you need to do to rank or improve your website’s traffic or rank your website on google first page very fast. So, if you need help growing your traffic, check out my other blogs, if you need some health-related tips then you can check blogs, there are many blogs are related to health and fitness. You can check The Best 7 Marketing Strategies Learn From Google Employees.

If you have any questions on how to get your website on google first page or any of these tools, leave a comment below and I’ll answer you. If you enjoyed the blog, share it, comment, subscribe or sign up. Thank You.

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