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*Conversion Rate Optimization – 3 Questions That Increase Website Conversion Instantly


A fanatical focus on first page Google rankings and traffic generation without a corresponding conversion rate optimization program makes achieving an acceptable return on investment form search marketing a pipe dream. Many companies are wasting money on SEO services and Google AdWords because they fail to optimize their website for maximum conversion rates.

There are three standard questions that every person has in their head when they visit your website. If you answer these three questions better than your competitors, you can increase your website conversion rates instantly and multiply your website leads and sales. Let’s take a look at the three conversion questions and how to answer them.

Where did I land?

Whether a person clicks on a paid search ad or manually types your website address into their browser, their first order of business after your site loads is to orient themselves. Visitors want to know where they landed. Besides looking at the URL in their browsers, visitors will often read the main headline. A well written headline goes a long way to answering your visitors’ first question.

Common headlines that do not answer the first question

  • Welcome
  • Thanks for Visiting our Website

Better answers

  • Hanson’s Electrical Services | Atlanta, Georgia
  • Zakhem Law | Estate Planning Attorneys in Denver

What can I do here?

Once a person knows which website they landed on they want to know what tasks they can accomplish. This second question is closely related to the first question and may be partially answered in the headline. Additional information should be placed in opening paragraphs and calls to action. Here is an example for a business attorney website.

Free Articles from Zakhem Law | Denver Estate Planning Attorneys

Our attorneys have created the following articles to answer common estate planning questions. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, sign up for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

What makes you the best option?

Once you tell your visitors where they are and what they can do on your website, you have to answer the most important conversion rate optimization question. You must present a unique value statement that explains why you are a better option than your competitors. You should use your unique value statement throughout your website. Also, every element on your website site, including the colors and images, should support your value statement(s). Here are examples of benefit oriented, clear, and credible conversion boosting value statements.

  • Ranked fastest document delivery service in Los Angeles by the LA Times three years running.
  • The only business law firm in Denver to defeat ten Fortune 500 companies.
  • Our proprietary software allows you to develop and deploy enterprise level web applications 50% faster than any other method.

Apply the three question framework outlined above to every page and every element of your website and you will enjoy increased website conversion rates.


Source by Matt Dombrow

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